Art: Art is the expression of the meaning we as humans make of the world. Art is not just pictures on a wall or the lyrics of a song; it is ubiquitous, a life force creating the always-present potential for the taken-for-granted to be noticed and reframed.

Community: Community gets used as a noun, but we prefer to understand it as a verb. It is how we relate to other life around us and how we build relationships that allow life to evolve in a container of safety, dignity and respect.

Culture: Culture is the embodied relations between people. It is how we live and see ourselves in relation to each-other and the world around us, including other forms of life.

Curation: Curation is an artistic strategy that gathers, assembles and makes connections between different parts to add value and meaning. In other words, it is how we make meaning beyond the sum of the parts.

Global Majority: Global Majority is a discursive term that we use to describe people who have and continue to experience the violence of the intertwined processes of colonialism and racialisation. We acknowledge this term is imperfect but choose to use it, when appropriate, to build a collective narrative amongst a varied and expanding group of people.

Infrastructures: Infrastructures are structures and systems that circulate things - from ideas to people, knowledge to capital. In this sense, bridges, sewage systems and community centres are all infrastructures. Sometimes invisible, always essential, infrastructures determine and maintain our social, cultural, economic and political life. For us then, working infrastructurally is to build and sustain structures that circulate and proliferate life in alignment with our values. .

Kin: Kin refers to the interdependent web of human and more-than-human life (animate and inanimate) that pulses across the planet. We locate ourselves within this web, seeking to live in harmony with it and contribute to its thriving.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021