Orchard Gardens

Between January and September 2022, Kin Structures were based at Orchard Gardens Community Centre delivering a programme of art and culture for residents of the estate.

The programme had several objectives:-
  • Test and develop a model for reimagining underused community centres.
  • Develop a range of partnerships with local stakeholders including community organisations, artists and social entrepreneurs.
  • Deliver 6 resident focussed events across the programme that aligned with Lewisham London Borough of Culture 2022 strategic objectives.
  • Activate a local asset through collaboration with residents and the wider community by testing activities, uses and governance arrangements for the future of the centre.

The centre was the home for a cultural programme that encouraged exchange and imagination for nine months. Art opened doors and built relationships. It was intergenerational, communal and joyful, whilst all being underpinned by a curiosity and commitment to positive change and transformation.

The programme constituted a first step towards a vision where art and culture increasingly find homes in community centres across the country while facilitating joy, connection and imagination.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021