Soanes Centre

We are currently in a partnership with Setpoint London East as stewards of the Soanes Centre - a community centre in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Setpoint London East is a local charity which provides learning opportunities for local children and young people in ecology and natural science.

During our time as artists-in-residence, between April and July 2023, we provided organisational support to Setpoint London East, with a particular focus on strengthening and building relationships with the local community in Mile End. We also transformed a disused training room into a new community and cultural resource while testing collaborations with an ensemble of incredible organisations and practitioners including Hui, Bontyanak, Resolve Collective, Moreiya and Oitij-Jo. Ultimately, we began to lay the foundations for a long-term vision and strategy to secure the future of the Soanes Centre.

We are currently developing a programme of art, culture and education for the Soanes Centre from April 2024. If you have any ideas or questions about this, you can get in touch at

Tuesday Oct 5 2021