Soanes Centre

We are currently in a partnership with Setpoint London East as stewards of the Soanes Centre - a community centre in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Setpoint London East is a local charity which provides learning opportunities for local children and young people in ecology and natural science.

During our time as artists-in-residence, between April and July 2023, we provided organisational support to Setpoint London East, with a particular focus on strengthening and building relationships with the local community in Mile End. We also transformed a disused training room into a new community and cultural resource while testing collaborations with an ensemble of incredible organisations and practitioners including Hui, Bontyanak, Resolve Collective, Moreiya and Oitij-Jo. Ultimately, we began to lay the foundations for a long-term vision and strategy to secure the future of the Soanes Centre. 

The Soanes Centre is one of three main venues for Rehearsing Freedoms - a pan-London festival of community health, healing, movement building, art and culture, that we are curating and producing in collaboration with Healing Justice London.

Held between October 11 and November 11, the festival is bringing social practitioners, artists, healthcare providers, activists, dreamers, weavers, community healers and organisers together to attend to the work of helping us all get free. This rehearsal of freedoms is combining workshops, performances, community gatherings, conversations, immersive spaces, and skillshares where we practise freedom and forge new ways of being. Together, we are rehearsing radical public health rooted in safety, dignity, and belonging. This work is enabling us to respond to and disrupt intergenerational trauma and structural violence. Using art, organising and culture to encourage imagination, we are cultivating the exchange of critical ideas, knowledges and practices. We’re exploring what is, what could be, and the actions and infrastructure required to facilitate transformation.

We are currently developing a programme of art, culture and education for the Soanes Centre from April 2024. If you have any ideas or questions about this, you can get in touch at

Tuesday Oct 5 2021